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Baldo's Gate
An RPG, presumably based on Baldur's Gate, at least in name. You start the game as a farmer who's peaceful village life gets ruined by monkeys, so you set out on a grand adventure to get to the root of the problem!

Baldo's Gate 2: The Curse
The sequel to Baldur's Gate, set 10 years after the events of the first game! More adventure, and more monkeys!

Shadow Lurker
"In the year 4020, Earth's surface is one dense metropolis. The closest things to a controlling authority are the massive corporations. Their employees live and work under strict control in the highly guarded megaplexs that rise thousands of feet into the sky. These people live in safety and comfort as long as their corporation survives. Corporations cover the planet and rule like warlords. They work and scheme together, but when the balance of power is off, they take each other over. It is a constant effort to develop the latest technologies and most advanced weaponry. Competition usually consists of spies and deception, but all out wars are known to break out over the smallest disagreements."
"Those that do not wish to live under the corporations rules, have broken away from them and gone into hiding. Those that simply do not possess skills that can be used, must survive in the streets. Here, survival is a constant struggle. There is no one to protect the weak and the only authorities are money and power."